Daily Archives: 20th November 2015

Pest of the week – Frit Fly

Frit fly (Oscinella frit) cause damage to cereal crops, and are most likely to have an effect on crops following grassland or fallow. There are normally several generations per year, with the most damaging generation being in September-October, in newly drilled crops. Symptoms are visible as dead/yellowing tillers, that normally have a small yellow/white larva […]

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Slug control this autumn

The use up date for all methiocarb slug pellets is the 18th September, meaning only 2 active ingredients, metaldehyde and ferric phosphate, remain for slug control. Enzo 3 slug pellets offer a high quality, persistent and palatable metaldehyde based bait. The uniform size and density provide excellent spreading and ballistic characteristics leading to the optimum […]

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Biofumigant mustard

Biofumigation is the suppression of various soil borne pests and diseases by naturally occurring compounds. Certain plants, including mustards, produce isothiocyanate (ITC), a natural gas, released from plant tissues. It is believed that this mechanism was originally developed by the plant as a defence against sucking and chewing insects, but over time many of the […]

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