Acquire – the next generation of spray water conditioner

Acquire – the next generation of spray water conditioner

Supercharge Your Spraying Water

Hard spraying water, containing dissolved calcium and magnesium ions, locks onto pesticide active ingredients to form insoluble complexes. At this point, the pesticide active ingredient becomes insoluble and cannot be taken up by target plants or insects.

Many products are susceptible to this lock-up process including graminicides (SU’s, dims & ALS’s), insecticides, blight fungicides, hormones weed killers and glyphosate.

Hard water is a problem, especially in the main arable areas with water samples commonly exceeding 300 ppm of calcium carbonate equivalent.  This could easily deny a user 20-50% of a pesticides potential activity.


The Solution - ACQUIRE Water Conditioner

Water conditioners can alleviate this problem.  First generation products were acid based, which although effective, could result in extremely acidic spraying water (<pH 4) when treating very hard water samples. Certain ALS herbicide are less effective at these exceptionally low pH’s.

Newer generation water conditioners, such as AQUIRE, are not acid based and therefore do not suffer from this issue. They form chelated complexes with the calcium and magnesium ions and buffer water to an optimum pH level.
Progressive pesticide manufacturers are already advocating the use of water conditioners to enhance and prolong their products’ performance over a range of water types.
For a water conditioner to work effectively, it should be added to the spray water before the addition of pesticides. Once these ions are complexed, the active ingredient is safe from further lock-up.



 This trial shows that 0.25L Acquire per 100L water completely removed 250ppm calcium, taking it down to 0ppm, and buffered the water pH to optimum of 4.8.



Do you have poor quality spray water?

Unexplained or disappointing results from crop protection products could lead a farmer to question the suitability of their spray water.  For example, when spraying susceptible products in hard water, you may increase the likelihood of:-

1) One-off poorer than expected results on the target pest
2) The potential for pesticide resistance to build-up due to repeated treatments with sub-clinical pesticide doses.

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ACQUIRE rate of use:

Hardness (PPM)     Acquire dilution (%)
<150                                   0.15
150-250                             0.25
250+                                   0.3   

Supplied in 3lt, 200lt &1000lt IBC packs.

Depending on water volume required, Acquire prices start from £1/ha.

For larger users

Although ACQUIRE is available in 10-12ha (3L) packs, larger users expressed interest in automatically including the product at filling.  Boothmans Agriculture has developed an automatic dispensing system which pre-treats spraying water  with Acquire at the point of filling.

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Acquire water conditioning demonstration

Acquire through a Dosatron

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