Chemical Supply

Chemical Supply

Distributorships including BASF, Bayer, Dupont and Dow Agrosciences  ensure that Boothmans are well equipped to ensure the supply of products containing research based active ingredients.  Most generics suppliers are also supported to enable our customers to benefit from this increasingly important sector of the market.730f3b1bb2a42313764b222eb62c04ca204x136

Boothmans are a division of Frontier Agriculture, a national independent agronomy businesses covering the whole of the UK and employing over one hundred agronomists. Boothmans and Frontier work together to provide farmers with a range of services that help tackle the key issues facing agriculture today.

Chemical distribution is carried out by a fleet of delivery vans which are all equipped with GPS vehicle tracking systems, which optimises routes for speed and fuel economy and ensures that farmer customers receive their goods as quickly as possible and can be accurately informed with estimated times of arrival as required.

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