Seed Supply

Seed Supply

Boothmans’ agronomists are ideally positioned to aid farmer customers in their choice cereal, OSR and pulse variety together with the appropriate seed treatment.  Knowledge of the advantages and pitfalls of varieties in their region gives our staff valuable information which can be passed onto our farmers.

Seed treatments are the first major agrochemical decision of the season which if chosen wisely can deliver benefits over and above those from the crop sprayer on such problems as take-all, BYDV control and early foliar disease control.

Cereal varieties from all the major breeders are supplied via three separate seed producers ensuring continuity of supply.

Seed deliveries are contracted to a specialist agricultural seed haulier who has many years of experience in this sector and understands the importance of timely on farm distribution.

OSR seed supply and advice is helped by Boothmans holding both the Dekalb & Pioneer accounts.  These two companies are acknowledged as the leading breeders of both conventional and hybrid seed into the UK market.  This enables us to supply all the leading HGCA varieties such as PR46W21, DK Excalibur, DK Expower and the newly recommended low biomass champion DK Camelot.  More importantly, we can also advise the appropriate drilling techniques and seed rates to maximise profit on this invaluable crop.


HGCA recommended lists 2015-2016


Winter Wheat
Winter Barley
Spring Wheat
Spring Barley
Winter Oilseed Rape - East/West Region


PGRO recommended lists 2015


Winter Beans
Spring Beans
Combining Peas